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Day 1 as Redline Equipment.

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Assest tagging Paul and Gary assest tagging

Paul Miller and Gary Smith lead a team that spent the week tagging assets.  


Sales team together

The sales team from both sides met up at a Case IH training and got to know either other over dinner.


Inventory 2 Inventory 4

Redline Equipment's Sales Director Rod Mobley got right to work leading a team doing inventory. But, they enjoyed working and talking with old friends Eric White, Randy Whiteaker and Jim Moon. 


Zach & Shannon with Koening employees Zach with Koenig employeesIndiana employees

Staff were notified an agreement had been reached. Zach Hetterick, CEO of Redline Equipment and Shannon Schilt, HR Manager at Redline Equipment visited with staff at each location. They are excited to become Redliners!