Precision Farming

Redline Equipment is a full line precision farming dealership that has solutions for not only Case IH Equipment, but all makes of equipment. Our trained staff can help you with all your “Precision Decisions” to take your farming operation into the future.

AFS Graphic

Our products include

  • Case IH AFS products
  • Case IH AFS Connect 2.0 Telematics solution
  • Case IH Desktop software & Support
  • Trimble precision farming products
  • Trimble Water management products
  • Precision Planting products

We can guide you in what accuracy is right for your application whether it be WAAS to RTK.

We also provide service and upgrades to existing systems. Please check with our team to ensure you are getting the most for your precision farming dollars

WaterMnagementAsk Us About Water Management Solutions

  • Complete all your drainage operations with one integrated solution
  • Improve crop yields up to 30%
  • Increase operating efficiency up to 20% compared to using laser equipment
  • Maintain a more developed root zone for better nutrient absorption
  • Remove excess water from the field and decrease plant stress
  • Reduce field compaction and minimize soil erosion
  • Use with any type of drainage plow -- self-propelled, pull-type, chain or wheel trenchers, ditches, scrapers, or any other water management implementation
  • Allow Autoslope to produce optimal depth designs, resulting in a consistent water table, which helps to minimize nutrient loss.

Certified Precision Dealer