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November's Redliner of the Month

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The Redliner of Month honors an employee who lives Redline Equipment’s core values. They are nominated by their peers and receive a gift package that includes a gift card of their choice for their family, a Redline Yeti tumbler, along with lunch with our CEO.

Marnie Miller, Controller on the shared services team, is honored as our November Redliner of the Month.

Who’s Marnie? One of the most important people at Redline Equipment you probably never see. She works behind the scenes providing heroic coworker support so the backend of our business runs smoothly.

Marnie joined the Redline Equipment team through the Bellevue store acquisition in March. Before joining us, Marnie had served Gibbs Equipment for well over 30 years. Hired fresh out of high school, she worked full-time for Gibbs Equipment while pursuing her accounting degree. In 1989, the accounting manager left and Marnie was promoted to lead the accounting department. When Gibbs opened their second location in Fremont in 1999, there became a need for the right person to assume the location manager duties in Bellevue.  She was the logical choice and held this position until Redline Equipment acquired the location in March of 2017.  When Redline Equipment acquired Gibbs Equipment, Marnie came on as Assistant Controller and recently was promoted to Controller.

Bellevue Location Manager and former owner of Gibbs Equipment, Mike Gibbs, feels Marnie has always been quite an asset to the company.

“She had no ag background, which I always looked at as a major benefit, as it is good to have a different perspective.” 

During the acquisition, Marnie was been a key point person, providing support on the ground in Bellevue on a daily basis as the acquisition moved forward.  She led the charge almost exclusively when the Bellevue location went live in March with a new business system. 

Upon joining the shared services team, she went as far to live in her camper west of Toledo for several months during the Redline CDK business system transition; so she could be at the shared service location daily to support anyone or anything that she could. However, her biggest challenge was after the departure of our CFO in the middle of a business system and acquisition of the 4 Indiana locations.

“Marnie stepped up to the challenge every day and in any way,” said CEO Zach Hetterick. “She spent countless weekends and evenings and continues to on a daily basis to move the company forward with unwavering disciple and work ethic. The redliner of the month is a definition of an employee that expels our five core values. No matter the challenge, Marnie Miller has found ways to step up time after time.”

She received 4 nominations from her peers across the company which is a testament to her dedication.


“Marnie has an unbelievable work ethic,” Bellevue lawn & garden saleswoman Diana Griffin said. “She puts in many many hours in, both at the store and at home to make sure the job is done and done right.”

“Marnie has an overall knowledge base of the industry that has enabled her to seamlessly slide into the  new business system without knowing anything about it and keep us processing somehow,” said CFO Mike Pitts. “She has an extremely calm personality.  While chaos is raging on around her, she methodically gets information to those who need it and keeps the accounting staff in order. You would think that she has been here for 15 years based on her level of knowledge and performance.”

Outside of all the hours she puts in here at Redline Equipment, Marnie is very active in her community. She is an avid visitor at local nursing homes and special needs facilities, visiting residents and doing what she can to brighten their days.

Please join us in congratulating Marnie. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty over the past 8 months, and we couldn’t be more proud to have her on our team.