Meet the People Behind the Plot

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Arik Headshot

Arik Witker, Precision Farming Manager

Arik is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about our precision farming products and the technology behind them. During the summer, Arik will act as the Precision Farming Field Plot project manager and be the guy who can answer all of the questions you’re dying to ask about the technology powering the Case IH 2100 series Early Riser planter. And don’t let him fool you, he enjoys the occasional requests to help out the marketing team!

Calvin Headshot-min

Calvin Knotts, CCA & Precision Farming Specialist


Calvin is known as the brain child of the Precision Farming Field Plot. His love for agronomy blends well with a passion for precision technology. Calvin will be the brains and the beauty throughout the summer. Go ahead, start counting how many times you see him in our videos!

Heather Headshot-min
Heather Hetterick, Director of Marketing

If Heather isn’t filming or taking photos with her iPhone, it must be dead or charging! She has an incredible knack for communicating to farmers and loves to capture her hardworking team through photographs and video. Heather will be the creative mind behind the project and help make our journey come to life.

Rex Headshot-min
Rex Tietje, Precision Farming Intern

Rex’s passion for farm equipment is great, but he also has a great skill for using fun techie gadgets that benefit our team. Rex studies Agricultural Systems Management at Ohio State University. Throughout the summer he will work to establish a successful plot and field day.

Sheradan Headshot-min
Sheradan Hill, Marketing Communications Intern

No really, if she’s on her phone, she’s working. Social media is fast-faced and good photos don’t take themselves! Sheradan studies Agricultural Communication at Purdue University and will be working hard this summer to capture and share the progress of the precision plot.

Andrew Headshot-min
Andrew Smith, Precision Farming Intern

Andrew is much more than a field flagger and sign placer, he has a passion for precision farming, too. He studies Agricultural Systems Management at Purdue University and will assist with the planning and preparation of our plot field day.

Jim Moon Headshot-min
Jim Moon, Territory Account Manager in Sales

You can hear his laugh from a mile away, but it will make you laugh, too! Jim is a great salesman, but more importantly he cares about the community he serves. Throughout the summer Jim will assist with the field plot and field day by being an invaluable wealth of knowledge for customers interested in learning more about the Case IH 2100 series Early Riser planters.

Todd Headshot
Todd Roush, Local Farmer

Todd and his family have farmed the four acres in front of our Gas City store for years, but now they will help turn this piece of land into a summer-long Redline adventure! When it comes time to spray and harvest, the Roush family will be the go-to team for the job.