Scouting Crops with Drone Deploy

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Throughout the growing season of the Precision Farming field plot, the use of the DJI Phantom 4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ,available from Case IH, has allowed us to capture a lot of useful information. Before the plants were emerging, we were able to showcase planting of the plot using the video and photo feature of the UAV. The videos and images captured by the UAV were very high quality, allowing those who followed along to see every step of the planting process. Later in the growing season, we again used the photo feature along with a subscription from DroneDeploy to identify the plant health of the different trials in the plot. Each flight took under five minutes to complete, and we then were able to have a view of the entire field to study the differences between the trials. Scouting fields can be a long process, but with utilization of this valuable tool, the length of time required to devote to each acre and still have quality results is reduced dramatically.